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Here you will find selected restaurants and sparkling ideas for your next team dinner.

Dining events

A magical grill in a Lapland cabin »
Beachparty Zurichsee near Zurich »
Pizzaevent in the city of berne »
Christmas dinner in the cosy wooden chalet in Bern »
Tuk-tuk trip with fondue or barbecue »
Log cabin gatherings for large parties »
Pizza pleasure in Zurich West or Solothurn »
Eating by the farmer's wife Esther »
Fondueplausch auf dem Uetliberg »
Pizzaevent Berne with cocktails and wine tasting »
Torchlit walk and a real feast »
Beer fondue in Emmental »
Fondueevent in Aarau »
Streetfood festival and market stalls in Zug »
Company Dinner Olten »
Hut fun Solothurn - Fondue hut »
Fondue in the forest, eastern Switzerland »
Thrilling party directly on Lake Zurich »
Dine as though in Gotthelf's day »
Treehouse - Dinner in the sky »
Dinner Cruise Zurichsee Christmasevent »
Grillevent in a Hut »
Outdoors fondue or raclette »
Dining in the warm open air »
Christmas dinner - Tavolata in Bern »
Your party in the garden villa in Bern »
Forest hut fun - everything organized »
Christmas dinner with aperitif by the fire »
Barbecue workshop on the Vierwaldstättersee »
Western Saloon for Christmas Dinner »
Terrasse Party over Zurich »
Summer party on the Aare »
Mother's Tablet »
Book your own Grillmaster »
Fondue fun directly on the Rhine Basel »
Fondue meal in the log cabin »
Fondue fun in the ski gondola zurich »
Mysterious dinner in a secret place »
Christmas dinner Zug »
Special dinner for groups in the city basel »
Dinner in the historical Cellar »
Party on the Rhine island near Basel »
Fonduefestival in the Chalet »
BBQ-Event Basel »
Christmas Dinner for large Groups Zurich »
Foodtour Zurich »
Brew Event Solothurn »
BBQ Party at Lake Zurich »
Christmas dinner spectacle »
An exclusive pizza evening »
Fonduebar - cheese enjoyment at the round table »
Grillparty for Groups Winterthur »
Winter magic in a forest cabin »
Food-Tour Berne »
Dining in the vaulted cellar in the middle of Bern »
Dinner at the Lake Thunersee »
Fondue tasting in Zurich »
Barbecue over Lake Biel with wine tasting »
fondue in the iglu »
Cottage party Sempachersee »
Experience the caves with raclette à discrétion »
Forest cabin party with all the trimmings »
Torchlit walk and a feast in the Emmental »
Dinner Spectacle at the Varieté »
Forest fondue »
Christmas dinner in the pine forest »
Las Vegas dinner spectacle »
Ride on the Bimmelbahn to dinner with a view of Zurich »
Dining in the gorge »
garage dinner »
Eating fillets of perch at the winery in Twann »
Culinary journey through time in Aarau »
forest hut party for familyday »
Stirling Dinner »
Aperitif and dinner with a view over Lake Zurich »
Grillevent for companies »
Wine and Tapas Groupevent Zurich »
BBQ-Smoker-Abend »
Evening trip with fondue in the igloo Stockhorn »
Poetic Christmas Vaudeville in the Circus Tent »
Dinner over the roofs of Biel »
Barbecue workshop in the middle of Zurich or Solothurn »
Fondue evening at the Lapplandhaus »
Burger workshop in the team »
Social evening in a guild way »
A romantic summer night barbecue »
Rustic evening in Lucerne »
Showcooking - Your party in Thun »
A heavenly feast »
Fondue fun over rooftops in Burgdorf »
Treberwurst food in Twann »
Outdoor-fondue-for-large groups »
Tavolata above and below the roofs of Lucerne »
Dining with historical ambience »
boattrip for groups Lake Zurich »
Torchlit walk to the circus tent »
Octoberfest »
Octoberfest in the Zurich region »
Winter wonderland with fondue »
Exclusive dinner with the magician Auckerfield »
Dinner over the roofs of Basel »
Fondue and films in a fisherman's hut »
XXL BBQ Grillevent for Large Groups »
Frozen Yogurt Event Pleasureevent »
Crepes-Party-Dinner »
Barbecue fun on the longest barbecue in Switzerland »
Dine in the light of 1001 candles »
Round the table under the stars »
Dinnerevent in the Orangerie »
Gourmetdinner Zurich »
Fondue chinoise with a dips workshop »
Lake-Party at the Vierwaldstättersee »
Tatars hat Dinner Emmental »
Gin and Tapas Tasting in Berne »
Fondue Chinoise à discrétion with a view of Lake Zurich »
Funny dinner with Ruedi »
Knight dinner in the castle »
Fire ring grill party at Lake Walen »
Oklahoma Joe's barbecue »
Culinary visit to the Verenaschlucht »
Caribbean barbecue with beach bar »
Torchlit walk to a vineyard dinner »
Afternoon tea with a butler »
Fondue chinoise over the fire »
Company party in a garden villa »
Six course centenary dinner »
fondue fun gillplausch aare olten »
Gourmet in the old Bernese Oberland House »
The fondue king »
Gourmet dinner and storytelling »
The taste of cinnamon, Christmas meal »
Candlelit dinner in the middle of the city »
Treberwurstwith wine tasting »
Christmasparty Solothurn »
Dining in the winter garden on the Aare »
Celebrate with a view of Lake Geneva »
Summer party at the Reuss river »
Cavefestival Luzerne Rigi »
fondue or raclette in cave »
BBQ in the glass house between plane trees »
fondue dinner with wine tasting »
Eating in the wine cellar in the middle of Lucerne »
Firmenessen im modern-traditionellen Ambiente »
Mobiler Genuss im Wiesenwagen »
Historic Dinner for Companies »
Baroque Dinner Lucerne »
Dinner in the Monastery »
Dinner in the Winecellar »
Fondue fun in a caravan »
Dinner at a castle for Groups »
An evening of good food and wine »
Summer cocktail over the roofs of Berne »
Guided tour and dinner in the art gallery »


Wine tasting in Basel »
Raclette by carriage »
Tasting with wine and cheese »
Foodevent with beer tasting Zurich »
Visit to the brewery Tasting and aperitif »
Guided Brewery Tour »
Wine degustation in a historic cellar »
Wine tasting in the heart of Zurich »
beer degustation basel »
Swiss wine culture »
The world of tasting in the heart of Zurich »
Gin tasting over the roofs of Basel »
Make your own mulled wine aperitif »
Gin Tasting Basel »
Winetasting Laveaux Lake Geneva »

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