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Here you will find selected restaurants and sparkling ideas for your next team dinner.

Swiss wine culture

Swiss wine culture
Swiss wine culture
Swiss wine culture
Swiss wine culture
Swiss wine culture
Swiss wine culture
Swiss wine culture
Swiss wine culture
Taste Swiss wines and enjoy a fine meal afterwards.

Swiss wines - a journey of discovery

Embark on a voyage of discovery and get to know Swiss wine culture. You will discover that Swiss winegrowers mature excellent wines and learn many interesting facts about Swiss viticulture. In a team or individually, you will first blindly taste four Swiss white wines and then four red wines in a second round. Who will succeed in correctly assigning the wines? And who recognises the foreign wine that has been smuggled in?

appetizer, stew or multi-course menu

Afterwards you can choose to enjoy a rich aperitif, a stew and/or a delicious 3 or 4-course menu. You will drink your favourite wine from the tasting session.
The appetizers include freshly cut meat such as bacon, salami, Bündnerfleisch etc. You will be served various cheeses, various antipasti and fresh bread.

  • Risotto (bianco, parsley etc.))
  • Vegetable couscous
  • more by arrangement3-course menu (suggestion)
    • Mixed leaf salad garnished with tomatoes, croûton, Chives >li>Viennese cream goulash with vegetables >li>Butter pasta >li>Tiramisù
    4-course menu (suggestion)
      >li>Pâté plate garnished
    • Saltimbocca Romana
    • White wine risotto
    • Marroni parfait garnished

    Flexible program

    The number of wines to be tasted can be increased to five wines each. The aperitifs can be served earlier if desired. We are also happy to adapt the menus to your wishes.

  • Size of group

    10 to 20 people


    all year round


    Lucerne Distanz show map

    Costs [CHF]

    Blind tasting (various wines)
    up to 15 pers. 770.00  flat-rate
    each additional pers. 55.00  /pers.
    for aperitif 13.00  /pers.
    for main course 21.00  /pers.
    Stew court
    in discretion 17.00  /pers.
    3-course menu 39.00  /pers.
    4-course menu 46.00  /pers.
    additional wines for tasting
    per wine 5.00  /pers.

    Included in the price

    -   8 tasting wines
    -   Organization and support
    -   Rent of the premises

    Not included

    -   Wine for dinner from the tasted assortment
    -   Beverages

    Optional extras

    Sushi and wine

    Customers' views on this offer

    Martin Talamona, Bison Schweiz AG


    Das Weihnachtsessen war ein voller Erfolg. Die Degustation war gut organisiert, die Weine von toller Qualität. Der Unterhaltungswert war durch die Blinddegustation hoch, auch «Nichtweinkenner» hatten ihren Spass. Durch die Rivella- und Cola-Degustation kamen auch die «Alkoholfreien» auf ihre Kosten.
    Das Essen war Extraklasse, das Ambiente sehr gemütlich und stilvoll. Ein wirklich gelungener Abend!

    Lloyd Zumstein, FCm First Business Travel


    Das Programm «Schweizer Weinkultur» hat unsere Vorstellungen übertroffen. Unsere Kunden waren sehr begeistert, sei es das wunderschöne Lokal, die guten Weine oder das feine Essen. Ebenfalls die Beratung und Organisation war vorbildlich und angenehm. Wir danken allen Beteiligten und bestimmt war es nicht der letzte Event mit

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