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Fondue chinoise with a dips workshop

Fondue chinoise with a dips workshop
Fondue chinoise with a dips workshop
Fondue chinoise with a dips workshop
Fondue chinoise with a dips workshop
Fondue chinoise with a dips workshop
Mix fine sauces individually and as a team, which you can then enjoy together with the Fondue Chinoise.

The individual ingredients

At the beginning of the workshop each participant will be given an ingredient. In consultation with the other participants, the individual ingredients must now be mixed together in such a way that delicious sauces result, suitable for a Fondue Chinoise. The ingredients will be randomly assigned so that all participants can start experimenting with each other and approach each other independently of sympathies.

Five sauces

After the first experimental phase, your team will have to decide on five sauces that you will then enjoy with the Fondue Chinoise. If you have any questions regarding the creation of the sauces or need professional advice, a specialist will be happy to help you. You have a total of 45 minutes to prepare the sauce. The aim is to communicate with each other in such a way that you can achieve the best results together.

Nothing works without communication

Communication is the be-all and end-all of this workshop. When it comes to creating great sauces and finally deciding on five creations, nothing works without mutual agreement. It is important to bring in your own opinion, but also to listen to and trust the others. This also reveals the pitfalls and limits of communication. Will you succeed in reaching agreement and enjoying a harmonious Fondue Chinoise with fine sauces together?

Size of group

20 to 30 people


September till March


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Costs [CHF]

incl. 8.1% VAT
From 20 persons 79.00  /pers.

Included in the price

-   Supervision by a specialist
-   Production of various sauces
-   Sauce recipes to go
-   Fondue Chinoise à discrétion (beef, venison, chicken)
-   Rent of premises

Not included

-   outward and return journey
-   All drinks

Optional extras

-   Aperitif in the historic wine cellar (max. 15 persons) or at the bar
-   Hotel tour with a look behind the scenes (max. 20 persons)
-   Half-day or one-day seminar in the house
-   Overnight stay on site
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