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Here you will find selected restaurants and sparkling ideas for your next team dinner.

The world of tasting in the heart of Zurich

The world of tasting in the heart of Zurich
The world of tasting in the heart of Zurich
The world of tasting in the heart of Zurich
The world of tasting in the heart of Zurich
The world of tasting in the heart of Zurich
The world of tasting in the heart of Zurich
Taste fine oils and vinegars, as well as whisky, wine and schnapps right in the heart of Zurich.

Treat your senses

After an intensive seminar or simply on a free night, there's nothing better than a sensual journey through the world of fine tastes to clear the mind. These rich tasting events in the heart of Zurich offer you the chance to treat your colleagues, seminar participants, or customers to a stylish and atmospheric evening.

Whisky from the cask

Everyone is familiar with whisky from the bottle. But in our wonderful shop in the heart of Zurich you can try whiskies imported in casks and discover new specialities. Five single malt whiskies from Scotland and Ireland will be tasted, together with an American bourbon for contrast if desired. You'll learn to distinguish between the different tastes, and also to discover more about the production processes of these fine delicacies. It's the ideal chance to get to know the world of whiskies.

Fine oils, fruity vinegars

Whisky tasting is best enjoyed in combination with a tasting of oils and vinegars - but the latter can of course be tasted on their own. Six products are presented in beautiful dishes to be enjoyed with bread dips. You learn about the production, uses, and health benefits of the different oils and vinegars. Mineral water and fruit juices are included; wine or sparkling wine can also be served at additional cost.

Blind tasting

A blind tasting is a perfect way to loosen up after a hard day's work or as an entertaining apéritif. You will taste five different liquid delicacies from the entire range, from fruit vinegar to wine, schnapps and liqueur, and you'll have to guess what each product is. The queen or king of tasting is honoured with a small gift at the end.

Size of group

6 to 25 people


January till November
Own location in Zurich city from 7 pm
Location of your choice in Zurich area any time


Zürich City und Region Zürich Distanz show map

Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
Whisky tasting (basic flat-rate) 200.00  flat-rate
additional costs per person 12.00  /pers.
Oils/vinegar tasting 200.00  flat-rate
additional costs per person 5.00  /pers.
Blind tasting 250.00  flat-rate
additional costs per person 8.00  /pers.

Included in the price

-   Tasted products according to booking
-   Tasting leader

Not included

-   additional consumption
-   Return travel costs

Optional extras

-   Snacks or tapas to accompany wine or spirits tasting
-   Wine to accompany oils and vinegar tasting

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Customers' views on this offer

Andy Pillay, Sunrise UPC GmbH


Mein Team hat es sehr genossen, war ein super Erlebnis, sehr gemütlich, muss mann einfach ausprobiert haben. An dieser Stelle herzlichen Dank!

Lea Blunschi, Thomas Russell


Es war ein überaus gelungener Anlass! Es hat allen Teilnehmern sehr gefallen,auch da viele es bisher noch nicht gekannt haben, jedoch nun wohl öfters da anzutreffen sein werden.
Besten Dank auch an Herr Russell,welcher den Kurs wirklich sehr angenehm und interessant gestaltet hat!

Janina Sutter, Otto Fischer AG


Super gelungener Anlass! Das Degustations-Team war sehr professionell und sympathisch. Die geladenen Gäste fanden es genial so eine Erfahrung zu machen.

Paola Gavioli, Givaudan


Wir waren sehr zufrieden mit dem Anlass, es hat uns gut gefallen und wir werden das gerne weiterempfehlen. Der Weinkenner macht das professionell und sehr sympathisch. Er hat wunderbar flexibel und freundlich auf die grosse Verspätung einiger Teilnehmer reagiert. Die Produkte sind hochwertig und regen zum Kauf an.

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