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Raclette fun for your party

Raclette fun for your party
Raclette fun for your party
Raclette fun for your party
Invite up to 200 people to a romantic raclette party where everything is provided for, from the ovens to the cheese and silver onions.

Raclette party for large groups of guests

Would you like to invite your guests to a raclette feast, which you as host can also enjoy all round? The event crew will bring the stoves in the required number (for up to 200 people) with all accessories to you on request, take all the equipment back after the party and also take care of the final cleaning. You can also pick up the stoves in Burgdorf and bring them back there. The raclette ovens are heated with candles, which creates a romantic and cosy atmosphere.

With cheese and all the trimmings

On request, you can book a complete raclette catering service, which includes not only the rental of the ovens, but also the cheese, the potatoes and everything else up to the dishes. You can choose between different kinds of cheese like nature, pepper, paprika, truffle, garlic and many more. The potatoes are delivered with a potato warmer and you can easily cook them yourself at the right moment. They are accompanied by crunchy cornichons, silver onions and matching spices. Wine, mineral water and orange juice are also included, as well as matching glasses, plates and cutlery.

Your advantages with Raclette-Catering

  • The ovens do not need electricity, can be set up quickly and easily anywhere and, thanks to the many rechaud candles, they create a particularly festive atmosphere.
  • You have the choice of buying the cheese, side dishes and drinks or organising the food yourself.
  • Everything will be delivered to your desired location and collected there. You do not have to worry about the preparation or the final cleaning.

Size of group

4 to 200 people


all year round


Burgdorf and all of Switzerland

Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
Miete Racletteofen
For 4 pers. 20.00  flat-rate
Rent raclette oven
For 8 pers. 30.00  flat-rate
Cheese (250 g / pers.)
With potatoes and side dishes 14.00  /pers.
Bottled wines of your choice from 9.50  flat-rate
Mineral water per bottle à 1.5 l 2.00  flat-rate
Delivery to you
From Burgdorf per km 1.50  flat-rate
Waiting time on site per hour 35.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Stoves and rechaud candles
-   Raclette scoops and scrapers
-   Final cleaning of the ovens, shovels, scrapers
Food (if booked)
-   250 g raclette cheese per person
-   Potatoes (incl. warm container)
-   silver onions, pickles, spices
Drinks (if booked)
-   Wine of your choice
-   Mineral water
-   Orange juice

Not included

-   outward and return journey

Optional extras

-   On-site wine tasting
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