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Cavefestival Luzerne Rigi

Cavefestival Luzerne Rigi
Cavefestival Luzerne Rigi
Cavefestival Luzerne Rigi
Organise a party at a spectacular location. Surrounded by the natural scenery of the hundred thousand year old cave you can spoil your guests with food and drink.

A feast for the eyes right from the start

The journey alone is an experience: the cave is located above Vitznau at 900 metres above sea level on the car-free southern side of the Rigi. You can easily take the Vitznau-Rigi Railway to Gruebisbalm station in just six minutes. From there, a 10-minute walk leads through idyllic woodland and meadows to the cave. The path is illuminated with a chain of lights, but you can't get lost anyway: just follow the rushing of the water ...

The cave

... for at the entrance of the cave a waterfall delights the eye of the wanderer. There is also a small lake in the cave. For 25 years this cave has been available for rent for all kinds of events. It can accommodate up to 400 people and is equipped with wooden benches, wooden tables, a stage, electricity and toilets (at the entrance). If necessary, it is also possible to heat the cave, but clothing appropriate to the cave climate is recommended. If necessary, the cave room can be divided with wooden walls.

Culinary offer

The well-being of your guests is taken care of in the best possible way. Choose from various buffet options. All offers are available for groups of 50 or more and do not include drinks.

Rigi buffet, Fr. 65.00 per person

  • appetizer: Vegetable barley soup and five different salads
  • Main course: Älpler-Magronen with onions and applesauce or G'hackts with Hörnli and applesauce
  • Dessert: Fresh fruit salad, cherry pie, meringues and vermicelles with whipped cream

Anniversary buffet, Fr. 79.00 per person
  • appetizer: Vegetable soup and five different salads Braised beef in red wine sauce, tofu-mushroom ragout, creamed potatoes, carrots and green beans
  • Dessert: Fresh berries (in season), caramel sauce, plum cake, chocolate mousse with whipped cream

      Farmer's buffet, Fr. 88.00 per person
      • appetizer: Mushroom soup, dried beef, farmer's bacon and salami, smoked whitefish fillets from Lake Lucerne, boiled meat salad and four other salads, homemade wholemeal bread
      • Main course: Warm ham, roast pork and meat loaf, Älpler magrons with onions and applesauce or raclette from the gas oven with potatoes, silver onions and pickled gherkins
      • Dessert: Apple pie, carrot blitz, chocolate cream, meringues and vermicelles with whipped cream

      Gruebisbalm buffet, Fr. 98.00 per person
      • appetizer: Cream of pumpkin soup, raw ham and cold roast pork, smoked trout fillets, shrimp rice salad, leaf salads with various sauces
      • Main course: Roast lamb and veal, roast spelt, potato gratin, carrots and chard >li>Dessert: Apricot cake, caramel puff pastry, fresh berries, chocolate mousse with whipped cream

      Cave buffet, Fr. 122.00 per person
      • appetizer: Minestrone, zucchetti stuffed with mushrooms, melon with radish and pepper sauce, berries with cottage cheese in raw ham cornets, red Alaskan wild salmon, Nice salad and green leaf salads with various sauces
      • Main course: Roast veal and roast beef with béarnaise sauce, shrimps in light garlic sauce and basmati rice, tofu burger and chard roll with gorgonzola sauce, potato gratin, peas and ratatouille
      • Dessert: Gruebis nut tart, caramel scoop with whipped cream, brown and white chocolate mousse, cheese platter

      Flexible design

      Each cave festival can be adapted to your needs and budget. For example, for the 25th anniversary of the cave celebrations, choose the anniversary buffet including drinks such as Italian red wine, Swiss white wine, lager, coffee, mineral water and cave cafeteria. Activities and entertainment can also be organised on request. Let us advise you.

Size of group

25 to 400 people


20. März till 07. November


Vitznau Distanz show map

Costs [CHF]

incl. 7.7% VAT
Anniversary buffet incl. drinks from 100.00  /pers.

Included in the price

-   Rent cave
-   Organisation and preparatory work
-   Final cleaning
-   meal of choice
-   Drinks (depending on booking)

Not included

-   Rigi train ride
-   outward and return journey

Optional extras

-   Activities and entertainment
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