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Here you will find selected restaurants and sparkling ideas for your next team dinner.

Gourmet Grill Box for Companies

Gourmet Grill Box for Companies
Gourmet Grill Box for Companies
Gourmet Grill Box for Companies
Gourmet Grill Box for Companies
Gourmet Grill Box for Companies
Gourmet Grill Box for Companies
Gourmet Grill Box for Companies
Gourmet Grill Box for Companies
Instead of a lively summer party with the whole staff, you can enjoy a first-class barbecue for two or three.

Barbecue for two persons or more

In times of home office, no company parties can be celebrated. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't celebrate at all! With the Gourmet Grillbox full of delicacies for two or three people, the party simply rises in a small circle. The Grillbox comes complete with a folding grill and is designed for use in the wild. On a mountain, on a lakeside or in the woods, you can enjoy the convivial get-together in an uncomplicated and carefree way. Also ideal as a surprise gift for your team.

The completely vegan barbecue box

Whether you already live vegan or just want to try something different: The Completely Vegan Grill Box will expand your culinary horizons and open up taste experiences you never dreamed possible. The Grill Box includes:

  • 2 Bärner Müntschi (beer)
  • Homemade Mediterranean tomato empanadas
  • Seeländer vegetable chips (Wurzelglück)
  • Rispentomatoes, Thyme and Rosemary
  • 4 vegan grilled skewers with red onions
  • Sesame soy carrots with lemon
  • Marinated herb oysters
  • Baked potatoes in aluminum foil
  • Kidney bean salad with celery and quinoa crackers
  • Herbaioli and BBQ sauce
  • Carrot cake with coconut topping and pistachios
Various wines in small or large bottles are available to accompany, such as Humagne Rouge by Albert Mathier from Salgesch (VS, 50 cl, Fr. 19.50). Let us advise you.

Meat supplements

You do not want to do without meat despite vegan temptation? Then you have the choice between the following supplements:

  • Premium grilled sausages from the butcher: CHF 6.-/pc.
  • 1/2 homemade spare ribs: CHF 17.50
  • Flank steaks (200 g): CHF 11.-.

On request with grill

For the all-round carefree package, in addition to the barbecue box you can also order a barbecue complete with charcoal, lighting cubes and matches. You have the choice between the disposable barbecue (CHF 20.-) and the reusable barbecue with brickets (CHF 50.-).

Size of group

2 to 1000 people


all year round


Whole Switzerland

Costs [CHF]

excl. 7.7% VAT
Grillbox vegan
For two persons 98.00  flat-rate
For three persons 134.00  flat-rate

Included in the price

-   Preparatory work
-   All foodstuffs listed
-   Delivery throughout Switzerland

Not included

-   Drinks
-   Other special requests

Optional extras

-   Meat supplements
-   Disposable or reusable barbecue
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