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Here you will find selected restaurants and sparkling ideas for your next team dinner.

The Outdoor Dreams Team in February 2021. From left: Karin, Urs, Marita, Mirza, Ingrid, not in picture Stefanie Stauffiger

About us

Aha, you're curious?! Here you can learn something about the people of Outdoor Dreams GmbH and where our strengths lie.

Marita Bühler - Consultant

Has a Master's degree in Systemic Coaching & Organizational Consulting, approaches tasks in a structured and analytical manner and is still creative. She loves beautiful things, fish and rice and also otherwise good food in combination with exciting people and fulfilling conversations. She has a good feeling for people and their wishes and finds out in conversation which event suits you and your team.

Ingrid Eggenschwiler - Texts, website content, consulting

Typographer, journalist, made a diversion as a cook and then built up the artists' page here with a lot of heart and soul. She writes most of the texts for the company and the website, edits pictures and videos, loves "her" artists, potato-chicken soup, oriental food and has a penchant for nitpicking. As if that wasn't enough, she also gives men's cooking classes, collects mushrooms and digs in the garden. And she is the right person to contact if you need an artist for your event.

Stefanie Stauffiger - consulting

She is the smallest in the team, but has twice the energy. She likes curling, raclette, her family, cosy get-togethers with friends and her small garden. When she needs to shut down inside, she starts weeding. This grounds her and helps her clear her head so that she can organise cool hotels and seminar rooms for her seminar clients.

Lindita Kamerolli - Counselling

She brings a breath of fresh air to our team, likes crisp and colourful food like curries and summer rolls, good conversations with interesting people and quirky anatomies. Her great love, however, is music: stoner rock and grunge make her heart beat faster - guitar riff-based rock is just her thing to get down. Clients appreciate her friendly and approachable manner and like to have her put together suggestions for artists and cool events.

Janine Zürcher - Texts

She's the one who balances out the team and brings calm when everything is going haywire. She edits and writes texts for the website and is on the trail of the error devil. To balance things out, she spends a lot of time in nature, travelling with her backpack or cruising Ireland's canals with her family on a houseboat. She particularly enjoys a plate of pasta or Asian food. But her greatest love is books, beautiful words and the diversity and possibilities of language.

Urs Karrer - Consultant

Boss without affectation, always at eye level with the team, down to earth, likes raclette and cordon bleu. In his office hangs a bright pink cuckoo clock, which he painted himself. His head is full of event ideas, for which he is always looking for the right partner to turn the flash of inspiration into reality. The customers benefit from his extraordinary ideas, because he has a creative solution for almost every customer wish.

Mirza Grossniklaus - Websolution

If he wasn't, there'd be nothing here. He makes these websites work here, is responsible for the whole complex framework on which these pages are built. And if there's a programming fire somewhere, he's at his peak. He likes faraway countries, Indian cuisine, Postpunk, exciting discussions and his chickens, which are allowed to run around freely in the garden.

Karin Karrer - Social media

Manages an entire company called "Family" and is always there when there is a need. At the company, she is responsible for the social media platforms. Sometimes the kids' toys are used for funny photos. She is the boss's biggest supporter and is happy when he stands at the cooker and cooks spaghetti sugo for her.

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